Deepen into Yourself to Live and Lead Guided by Your Inner Truth

Individual Coaching

Through our 2 month somatic coaching program, you’ll receive weekly 1:1 coaching.

Each program helps you connect to your inner truth through somatics, a methodology grounded in mindfulness, neuroscience, and body intelligence.

Choose one of the following focuses for your coaching program:

  • Embodied Leadership for Women

  • Career Coaching: Find Your Calling & Follow Your Purpose

  • Spiritual Development for a More Meaningful Life

  • Transform Your Stress and Wellness for Good

To learn more, reach out to Elizabeth to schedule a discovery call.

organizational programs

Sound Somatics offers trainings, grounded in somatics, for organizations. this supports the wellbeing, engagement, and retention of employees.

Topics of trainings include:

  • Embodied Leadership

  • Mindfulness Strategies for Stress Management

  • Connect to the Wisdom in Your Body for Innovation & Creativity

  • Cultivate Calm & Confidence Amidst Uncertainty

  • Self-Care & Resiliency for a Strategic Advantage

  • Taking Care of Your Body at Work

Reach out today to explore a collaboration.