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Craniosacral therapy is a hands-on therapeutic bodywork.

Through supporting the nervous system, craniosacral therapy seeks to relieve stress that contributes to chronic pain, muscular and skeletal imbalance, and other common challenges.

While effective for physical conditions, craniosacral thearpy can also support mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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Craniosacral therapy is grounded in western science and eastern healing traditions. In order to address the unique needs of clients, Elizabeth combines craniosacral therapy with other types of bodywork such as myofascial release, lymphatic facilitation, and visceral manipulation.

Sessions last one hour and occur at Yogabliss on Mercer Island. House calls are available in the Greater Seattle area.


Yogabliss Mercer Island: 7803 SE 27th St #174 Mercer Island, WA 98040


$110 / hour. Payment is due at the time of each session. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, credit card, debit card, and HSA/FSA cards*.

*If paying with a HSA/FSA card, please have a prescription for massage.


A series of 5 sessions allows for comprehensive care to support your healing process. Packages receive a 15% discount and commonly focus on:

  • Relieving chronic pain particularly related to the neck, back, and hips

  • Releasing stored emotions from the body (somato-emotional release) to support those with anxiety and depression

  • Recovering from injuries, commonly sports-related and car accidents

  • Helping correct sacrum and hip alignment of postpartum moms, thereby alleviating low back and hip pain

Elizabeth is a highly skilled bodyworker who my body completely trusts. Her craniosacral therapy is deeply rejuvenating for me, and I am so grateful that she can guide my mind and body into the deepest states of receptivity and relaxation.

In this state, my body will send waves of energy through my spine. While I’m not 100% certain of how or why this energy moves, my intuition tells me that it helps my spirit inhabit my body more fully, unwinding, cleansing, and re-calibrating the deepest unconscious patterns and programs that my cell memories hold.

I highly recommend working with Elizabeth not only because of her amazing skill sets, but because she deeply understands how to honor the unfolding of a human body and mind in an unimposing way that makes you feel deeply held and cared for.”
— Annika K. // Seattle, WA