Sound Somatics facilitates healing and transformation of visionaries,

so they can improve society from a place of wellbeing and vitality.


Through somatic coaching and craniosacral therapy, we help you connect to the wisdom in your body to cultivate embodiment.

Embodiment is an aligned mind, body & spirit. This results in optimized leadership and living.



We offer somatic coaching which utilizes the body as a portal to access your inner truth. From there, you’ll more easily move through life and leadership guided by your embodied intelligence.

Sessions occur online and are offered as part of a 2 month program. Click here to learn more about coaching, in addition to offerings for organizations.



Craniosacral therapy is a hands-on form of bodywork that supports embodiment. By tending the nervous system, this work seeks to relieve stress that contributes to chronic pain, muscular and skeletal imbalance, and other common challenges. Craniosacral therapy can also contribute to mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Elizabeth Buttrick offers craniosacral therapy in Mercer Island and Seattle. To schedule, text 206.909.0821.